"In order to be irreplaceable one must be different." Coco Chanel

At Folly Hire we are always looking for unusual and elegant touches that will bring a spark of originality and elevate your event to something special and unforgettable.

Below is a selection of our current accessories. We are always updating our collection so keep revisiting to see any new additions. If there is something specific you have in mind then please get in touch.


Arden Bowl

Our gorgeous Arden Bowl made from Olive wood, makes a stunning centre piece to any coffee table. Fill it with your favourite flowers or treats for your guests.

Italian Tiles

Our original vintage Italian tiles make a elegant addition to table settings and bring the taste of the rustic Tuscan countryside to any event.

£25 set of 8 Ex VAT (48 hrs) 


Our beautiful, vintage Suzhou birdcage makes a striking chic focal point to any scene setting.

Reindeer Skins

Our authentic reindeer skins add a warmth and soft touch to any setting, particularly in the colder months or in an outdoor setting.


Our selection of cushions complement our Coco Wolf furniture perfectly and add an element of comfort and cosiness to the seats. We have two collections, and a variety of cushions in each collection. We hire them in packs of 4 cushions of your choosing.

Babbler Blue – Mandala Set
Babbler Blue – Trellis Set

Babbler Blue – Chevron  50cm x 50cm

Babbler Blue – Mosaic   45cm x 45cm

Babbler Blue – Cypress Tree 50cm x 50cm

Babbler Blue – Filled Trellis  45cm x 45cm


Babbler Blue – Lined Mandala – 45cm  x 45cm

Babbler Blue – Trellis Outline – 45cm  x 45cm

Babbler Blue – Lozenge – Oblong

Eucalyptus Range – Geometric
Eucalyptus Range – Chevron
Eucalyptus Range – Le Jardin

Eucalyptus Fine Chevron

50cm x 50 cm

Eucalyptus Jali Medallion

50cm x 50 cm

Eucalyptus Kiki Booti

50cm x 50 cm

Eucalyptus Woodland

50cm x 50 cm

Eucalyptus Le Jardin

50cm x 50 cm

Eucalyptus Variety

50cm x 50 cm

Love what you see?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your special event!

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