“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relatives.” Oscar Wilde

They say the fondest memories are made when gathered around a dining table. Dining together is a special time and is an opportunity to show your love, passion and artistic flair to your friends and guests.

We have two types of wonderful dining table that sing for their supper by being beautifully naked. They need no table cloths and have a reassuring tactile feel that will add a special quality to your dining setting. In addition we can provide fabric topped tables, covered in a fabric of your choice.

To complement our dining tables we have two types of chairs that are head and shoulders above standard hire chairs and look amazing en masse.  These are the traditional cross back chair and the Edwardian styled rattan chair.

Dining Chairs

Cross Back Roca Chair

Our cross back Roca chair will give a traditional ambience to your seating arrangements.

L50 x W45 X H89 cms

Rattan Dining Chair

Our rattan dining chairs have a timeless Edwardian elegance which will give your dining experience charm and warmth.

L54 x W55 X H95 cms


Dining Tables

Nordic Whitewashed Dining Table

Our Nordic Whitewashed Dining table gives a great rustic simple elegant look.

L 180 x W 92 X H 75 cms


Zinc Topped Dining Table

Our beautiful smooth zinc dining tables give a modern unusual look which works well as a backdrop to stunning place settings.

L180 x W92 X H75 cms

Fabric Topped Tables

We can cover our tables in fabric to give a subtle patterned effect to your table setting, a modern alternative to table cloths. Please get in touch to discuss different fabric options.

L180 x W92 x H75cm

Love what you see?

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