Cool Blue Collection

The Cool Blue Collection displays our signature range of all-weather Coco Wolf furniture in Duck Egg blue which can be combined with mirrored pieces for and exciting and sharp look or can be combined with the Nordic white wash range to give a more calming, restful atmosphere.


Coco Wolf Sofa

Duck Egg Blue

L220 x W151 x H85cm

£350 Ex VAT (48 Hrs)


White Wash Coffee Table

Nordic White Washed Wood.

L120 x W100 x H40cm

£35 Ex VAT (48Hrs)

Atlas Chair

Flax and Duck Egg

L51 x W51 x H52cm

£120 Ex Vat (48 Hrs)

See how the Coco Wolf Collections have been used in events.

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Following on from the great success of the last Bridal Bazaar that was held in the epic venue of The Grange in Hampshire, we'll be setting up at The Barns at Lodge Farm in Epping, an incredible new venue for the London/Essex market…

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