Nordic White Wash Collection

Our Nordic White Washed Collection gives a wonderfully cool, calming and rustic look to any event. It is highly versatile suited to all seasons, being able to be dressed up to look festive with candles, fairy lights and foliage to being able to ooze a simple, summery coastal beach vibe with bright flowers and fabrics. With a variety of tables and props, we’ve plenty in this collection to give your event the look and feel you are after.

Nordic White Washed Bar

Our Nordic White Washed Bar comes in 5ft and 6ft sections and is configurable to various sizes. It comes with integrated shelving.

Medium (1 x 5ft section)  L 153  X Wxx X Hxxcm

£120 Ex VAT (48 Hrs)


Large ( 1 x 6ft Section )  L 183 x Wxx x Hxxcm

£150 Ex VAT (48 Hrs)

Nordic White Wash Poseur Table

W 50 x L 50 x H 120 cms

£45 Ex Vat (48hrs)

Nordic White Washed Stool

With padded fabric covered top

W38 X  D38 cms

£10 each Ex Vat (48hrs)

Nordic White Washed Dining Table

Our Nordic Whitewashed Dining table gives a great rustic simple elegant look.

L 180 x W 92 X H 75 cms

£40 Ex Vat (48 Hrs)

Nordic White Washed Coffee Table

L 120 x W 100 x H 40 cms

£35 Ex Vat (48 Hours)


Nordic White Washed Cube Set

With padded fabric covered top

W38 X  D38 cms

6 cubes plus one Whitewash Coffee table.

£140 Ex Vat (48hrs)

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